Rahel Anne Bailie

Rahel Anne Bailie

Babylon Health

Director of Content

Rahel Anne Bailie is Director of Content with Bablyon Health, where she works at improving content operations to support the mission of delivering accessible healthcare to the world. She believes that content must be technically fit-for-purpose as well as editorially sound to get the most out of content as a valuable business asset. She blends techniques from multiple disciplines to develop content strategies that have business impact. Rahel has been an active lecturer and contributed to curriculum development in the Content Strategy Master's Program at FH-Joanneum in Austria, and is working on a new industry book about content operations. She is a Fellow of the Society for Technical Communication, and a supporter of standards, schemas, and semantic content.

presenter keynote


Content Operations: Moving the World's Second-oldest Profession into the 21st Century

Rahel Anne Bailie introduces content operations (ContentOps) as an emerging practice and will demystify some of the high-level principles that make this an exciting development for content professionals across the board.