Lisa Gettings

Lisa Gettings


Senior Content Strategist

As a user-focused, data-driven content strategist, Lisa Gettings builds relationships with design, product, research, and engineering teams, becoming their trusted partner while promoting consistent and inspiring user experiences. She's right-brained enough to think creatively about content opportunities and left-brained enough to gather and analyze data to make strategic decisions that benefit both the user and the business.
For 20 years, she has led content strategy, redesign, SEO, social media, UX writing, taxonomy, and IA projects for organizations such as Uber, Expedia, Microsoft/MSN, Portent Interactive, Amazon, University of Washington, Bastyr University, Committee for Children, and MultiCare Health Systems. When she’s not evangelizing about content strategy, she’s traveling, cooking, writing a book, obsessing over tea, practicing mindfulness, or serenading co-workers with made up arias. 



Harnessing the Power of Customer Journeys to Build Empathy, Map Content, and Get Alignment

Lisa Gettings teaches you how to put customer journeys, personas, user scenarios, empathy exercises, and content mapping to work for you.