Charles Cooper

Charles Cooper

The Rockley Group

Content Strategist

Charles Cooper is Vice President of The Rockley Group. He works with companies to help them understand their content and ensure that it can be created, managed, and published quickly and consistently, while still meeting the needs of their users around the world.

Cooper is fascinated by the changing marketplace and the ways people expect to receive information and helping solve the challenges that organizations have in meeting those changing needs. He is co-author of a number of books, including the ground-breaking "Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy", "DITA 101: Fundamentals of DITA for Authors and Managers", and "eBooks 101: The Digital Content Strategy for Reaching Customers Anywhere, Anytime, on Any Device". Cooper wrote the section on Adaptive Content for "The Language of Content Strategy" and the Responsive Design entry for "The Language of Technical Communication". Most recently, he was co-author of "Intelligent Content: A Primer".


CSA08 Content Strategy Success: Technology is Not The Answer.

Content Strategy: Technology is Not The Answer.

Charles Cooper helped the audience spot natural departmental allies and provided tips on how to convince them to work together with you to make your content strategy projects successful. Cooper also offers advice on how to spot naysayers (and other problematic players) and provided a few tricks to help you convert those who oppose the project and turn them into allies.

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Charles Cooper: Technology is not Answer

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