Sarah A. Rice

Sarah A. Rice

Seneb Consulting

Information Architect

Sarah A. Rice is an information architect with over two decades of strategy and consulting experience, designing and executing excellent user experiences for companies such as Google, StubHub, PayPal, Sony, Microsoft, eBay, NetApp and Yahoo! She has a master’s degree in Information Science and consults with a number of user experience firms. She served on the Board of Directors of the Information Architecture Institute and is active in IA Roundtable at the Information Architecture Conference. She also speaks regularly at industry conferences.


CSA21 Ethics for Information Professionals

Ethics for Information Professionals

Sarah A. Rice examined ethics (in the context of content strategy). She posed questions of the audience and suggested ways attendees can discuss a code of ethics to be applied widely among content teams, including contexts and formats that may not have been considered before.

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Sarah Rice: Ethics for Information Pros

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