Colleen Jones

Colleen Jones

Content Science

Content Intelligence Strategist

A content expert and Star Wars fan, Colleen Jones is the founder of Content Science, a content strategy and intelligence firm where she has advised or trained hundreds of the world's leading organizations to become Jedi Masters of digital content, including 6 of the Fortune 50, 5 of the largest U.S. web properties, 3 of the largest nonprofits, and 3 of the most trusted U.S. government agencies.

She also is the former head of content at Mailchimp, the marketing platform recognized by Inc. as 2017 Company of the Year. Colleen has earned recognition as one of the Top 50 Most Influential Women in Content Marketing by a TopRank study, a Content Change Agent by Society of Technical Communication's Intercom Magazine, and one of the Top 50 Most Influential Content Strategists by multiple organizations. Colleen is a member of Mensa and an active supporter of women in technology. Colleen speaks at conferences and corporate events around the world, from San Francisco to Sydney.

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Content Effectiveness: Understand Whether Your Content Works

Colleen Jones provides a framework for understanding content effectiveness in six dimensions, tips for measuring it, and examples of applying insights from it to content strategy and more. 

The Content Future: What the Data Tells Us + What It Means for You

The future of content is quickly becoming now. And it's anything but boring. Attend this session to gain an understanding of the key insights about digital disruption, content operations, and content intelligence based on research by Content Science, Pew Research Center: Internet and Technology, McKinsey & Company, and others. Featured presenter, Colleen Jones, will help you understand what these insights mean for content roles ranging from writer to strategist to engineer to manager. (Hint: You might need shades. The future is bright.)