DJ Francis

DJ Francis

Hub And Spoke Marketing

Content Marketing Consultant

DJ Francis is the founder of Hub And Spoke Marketing. He helps companies develop strategic content at scale. Hub And Spoke Marketing creates content hubs to educate and persuade leads all the way to closed-won. DJ ran content operations for, Airbnb's B2B content hub and lead scoring system. Their work almost tripled the number of companies enrolled in the Airbnb for Work program within the first 6 months. The content that is created helps your prospects understand your business and products while generating credibility and trust. 

DJ specializes in B2B content for companies with complex products. He has worked with almost every industry in 17+ years, including financial services, travel, insurance, consumer aircraft, and cannabis.




[Case Study] Stronger Together: Establishing a Content Governance Model and What To Watch Out For

In this case study presentation, DJ Francis and Glenn Lafollette will discuss why commercial real estate giant JLL determined that they needed content governance, the steps they took to establish it, and the role that content governance plays in the organization today.