Andrew Lawless

Andrew Lawless

Team Lawless

Strategic Interventionist

Andrew Lawless is a Strategic Interventionist who coaches leaders in content industries by implementing critical decisions and strategic pivots. He is a top-tier team performance coach who is deeply rooted in technical documentation and localization. After working with hundreds of business owners and executives for 20 years, Andrew developed a proven process that moves content teams forward, advances your career, deepens your relationships, and strengthens your emotional and physical resilience.

Andrew brings a unique blend of experience in behavioral sciences, publishing, technical documentation, and localization to the table. His accomplishments include managing a corporate turn-around of Berlitz (now Lionbridge) in Central and Eastern Europe to transforming The World Bank’s global approach to localizing its analytical work. Andrew presented his successes with transforming content teams to President Obama's White House and testified before the US Senate on the importance of professional development in localization. He served as a trainer and consultant to the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit where he helped analyze the mindset of international hostage-takers. Andrew is a finalist for the Kolbe Professional Award, which recognizes him for the positive impact he has made on leaders around the world by building on their strengths.


CSA08 Fire Yourself Up! Make New Friends

Fire Yourself Up! Make New Friends

Will you be fortunate or unfortunate today? The choice is yours. Strategic interventionist coach, Andrew Lawless, will lead a short mind-setting exercise that helps you get the most from this conference. A surefire conversation starter for networking opportunities in the afternoon.

CSA18 Making Change Happen: It's Science, Not Willpower

Making Change Happen: It's Science, Not Willpower

Attend this presentation featuring strategic interventionist coach, Andrew Lawless, and you’ll discover how forward-thinking leaders are leveraging a scientifically-proven team performance framework that produces results and unity. You’ll discover how to build a frictionless, high-performing collaborative team.

CSA22 Fire Up Your Brain, Open New Doors

Fire Up Your Brain, Open New Doors

Andrew Lawless helps us overcome the after-lunch slump. This mid-day an experience will help you eliminate your biggest stressors at work in just a few minutes – for life. You will be high-fiving a lot of new people at the end. We promise.