Robin Boldt

Robin Boldt

Rockwell Automation

Information Architect

Robin Boldt is currently an Information Architect with Rockwell Automation. She has been in the technical communication field for over 30 years. At Rockwell Automation, she has written online and print content for both software and hardware products. Currently, she is responsible for developing a visual, comprehensive content strategy for a complex content ecosystem and for sharing that strategy with multiple stakeholders to drive consistent content experiences.


CSA13 Redefining the Role of an Information Architect

[Case Study] Redefining the Role of an Information Architect

Robin Boldt shares ideas you can borrow from the content teams at Rockwell Automation and apply them to your organization in an effort to overcome content challenges, improve content quality and usability, and develop a successful content strategy.

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Robin Boldt: Redefining the Role of Information Architect

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