Danielle Kirkwood

Danielle Kirkwood


Product Manager

Danielle Kirkwood is a Product Manager at Intuit. She started as a Content Designer in London and moved to Intuit’s headquarters in Mountain View where she sits today. As an advocate of design thinking, Danielle focuses on crafting compelling stories, understanding customers, and empowering her team to deliver awesomely. Prior to Intuit, Danielle was a Product Trainer, eLearning Manager, and IT Support Analyst. She has a degree in Computer Science, a passion for soccer, and a devotion to ice cream.



How My Approach to Content Strategy Killed My Career as a Content Strategist

Content strategy defines the relationship between an organization and it’s customers. But not every organization is ready to admit how important content strategists really are. The power of content designers extends far beyond words. Attend this presentation with Danielle Kirkwood to learn how she discovered how her approach to content strategy killed her career as a content strategist. She'll share lessons learned and suggestions for moving content strategy forward in your organization.