Pushpinder Lubana

Pushpinder Lubana


Head of Customer Research (Content)

Pushpinder Lubana is Head of Customer Research (Content) at PayPal. She heads customer research on content globally for all of PayPal experiences. Her focus is on driving data-driven content decisions, measuring content quality, and ensuring that content meets customer needs and expectations. She also leads teams at PayPal through problem discovery research to uncover rich customer insights that drive product innovation and ideation, She's passionate about social change and sits on the Board of a non-profit in Kerala that provides a transitional home for Dalit students who have dropped out of the formal school system. Her prior work includes Havas (marketing agency), Thermo Fisher, Genentech, the University of California San Francisco among others, and running her own content strategy consulting agency.


CSA19 [Case Study] Meeting Customer Needs and Expectations Through Content

[Case Study] Meeting Customer Needs and Expectations Through Content

Pushpinder Lubana explored how PayPal measures the quality and effectiveness of content globally in a standardized, consistent, and repeatable way. She lays out how the company developed content metrics — based on customer feedback — and how these quantitative measures of content quality have helped PayPal determine whether their content is meeting their declared goals. 

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