Jessica Pease

Jessica Pease


Head of Content

When mankind shot into cyberspace, we gained a lot. You can now get almost everything you ever wanted, instantly. It’s magical. But there’s also a lot of toxic tech out there and Jessica Pease believes it’s the leading cause of modern-living syndrome. MLS is that worn-out, irritable feeling you have at the end of a long day using sub-par apps. You can’t stop thinking “I thought life was supposed to be easier with computers in it.” Turns out, there’s no cure for MLS. But clean design, sweet information architecture, and kind words can be the metaphorical cup of hot tea. Jessica has brewed and served it in the interest of the common good at darlings, B2Bs and now PayPal. Her dad is really proud.


CSA26 Finding the Content Unicorns

[Case Study] Finding the Content Unicorns

Jessica Pease explores how the PayPal Content Team rethought their hiring strategy, experimented with hiring and training approaches that helped them find a slew of new writers, and brought magical new energy and ideas to their entire team in the bargain.